DAO Governance 2.0

This post outlines the ReflexerDAO governance process now that we’ve deployed the DAO. This is an updated version of the previous post on DAO governance and reflects the voting parameters currently active on Tally.

Phase 1: Signaling (Optional)

Conditions: None, anyone can bring up new ideas for proposals.

Location: Discord

Goal: Casually inform DAO members of your intentions and see if you can get buy-in from other members. If you’re unsure of whether or not your proposal will be received well, Signaling first is a good way to determine if you’re on the right track, and improve your idea via feedback. Phase 1 is informal; whether or not you use the feedback you receive for your proposal is up to you.

Duration: As long as you feel is necessary to get the feedback or buy-in you need.

Format: Ask a general (unbiased) question to the DAO in Discord relating to the change you’d like to implement. E.g. “Should Reflexer DAO decrease liquidity incentives?”.

Note: you don’t have to signal before submitting a proposal on the forum if you don’t want feedback and believe your proposal will be well received.

Phase 2: Informal Proposal

Conditions: none, anyone can start a discussion for a new proposal.

Goal: Start the discussion, evaluate the potential of an idea, nonbinding polls.

Location: Forum

Duration: at least one week before moving to the next stage to ensure that people had enough time to give their opinion.

Content: new forum thread with:

  • Abstract
  • Motivations
  • Initial Implementation details/specs
  • Poll (Show who voted to minimize Sybil attacks on the polls)

Phase 3: Formal proposal

Condition: successfully demonstrated the interest of the community via your Informal Proposal

Goal: After the discussion and adjustments from the signaling and informal phases, write the final proposal specifications post and submit it to Tally.

Location: Tally

Governance Parameters

  • Duration: 3-day vote
  • Minimum quorum: 20K FLX
  • Proposal Delay: a few seconds
  • ds-pause timelock: 1 day

Content: After you’ve submitted your proposal on Tally, create a separate forum thread with the final proposal implementation details, including:

  • Abstract
  • Motivations
  • Final Implementation details/specs
  • Link the relevant discussion that leads to the proposal
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