DAO Integrations Lead Proposal

Reflexer DAO Integrations Lead

Fellow Money-God Worshippers,

It’s with great honor to say that I’d like to propose my candidacy for DAO Integrations Lead and assist the DAO with managing incentive structures and integrations for RAI. I’ve written the following with a couple of goals in mind:

  1. Formally introduce myself and my passion for a sovereign, stable and trustless unit of account for the digital asset ecosystem
  2. Propose that I formalize my relationship with the DAO with the below as a framework for where I might fit

A bit about me, 0x-Kingfish

One of the fantastic things about our community, and frankly the broad crypto ecosystem, is our varied and diverse backgrounds and life experiences. I started my career in the traditional finance industry as an analyst with an investment bank nearly a decade ago. From there, I worked in Miami, FL as an investment professional in a secondary credit hedge fund and left in 2020 to pursue a crypto venture and relocate closer to my ancestral homeland.

I knew when I left the tradfi world in 2020 that crypto, and specifically DeFi, was a future worth pursuing. Given my background, it’s perhaps more clear to me than most that the industry is rife with both potential and pitfalls. I stumbled into RAI during my initial investigations into the stablecoin landscape, and I was sold.

I would be honored to continue my support of the ecosystem. I believe my background and vision for the future will be a valuable asset on which to rely and further the DAO.

DAO Integrations Lead Proposal & Description

I’ve developed the following to serve as both my job description and my personal goals for the role. I also ask the community for any feedback and changes where appropriate.

Position responsibilities:

  • Review, gather feedback, propose changes, and manage the implementation of changes to RAI’s incentive structure, which today is primarily centered around the issuance of the FLX token, but can evolve into a more varied and comprehensive approach in the future
  • Assist in the development of strategy and management of key integrations for RAI with additional platforms, users, companies and DAOs

FLX Incentives


  • Incentives are critical to building healthy and sustainable protocol growth.
  • In our current environment, Reflexer’s relatively more involved structure, which in general promotes good action in the protocol, is drowned out by other protocols that choose to cater to mercenary capital and “ponzi-nomics”.
  • Regardless, it is the goal of an integrations Manager/Lead to ensure the following:
    • Incentives are allocated effectively and in such a way that benefits the ecosystem in the healthiest way possible – appropriate rewards over appropriate time horizons for appropriate actions
    • Incentives are used judiciously in order to incentivize adoption from other platforms and protocols


  • Incentives should be reviewed by the Integrations Manager/Lead on a monthly basis, evaluating value flows to ensure effective implementation of stated strategies
  • When change is needed, the Integrations Manager/Lead will spearhead management of this change, gathering input from the DAO board and the wider community. Changes will be proposed and implemented, if needed, over the following 1-3 weeks once a decision is taken



  • As stated by the nominated DAO Lead, integrations with allied businesses, protocols, DAOs and DAO treasuries is essential to manifesting a strong future for RAI.
  • The nominated DAO Lead has identified a strong list of initial targets and goals for significant incremental RAI adoption, specifically on L2s and sidechains.
  • A dual approach of education and incentive alignment will be an effective avenue for building these relationships and integrations. As such, it is the stated goal of the Integrations Manager/Lead to promote the following:
    1. In conjunction with the DAO Lead, build relationships with counterparties at allied platforms & protocols that could use RAI
    2. Assist in management of DAO relationships and onboarding of RAI integrations, using incentives where appropriate

Implementation and Management

  • The Integrations Manager/Lead will compile a list of target protocols & platforms and categorize use-cases
  • Target protocols & platforms will be evaluated across a matrix of size, value alignment, feasibility, synergy opportunities, etc.
  • The Integrations Manager/Lead will aim to make substantial progress with at least one target protocol or platform per month with oversight and deliverables accountable to the DAO Lead

Compensation and Time

  • 6 week probation period, starting on 23rd of May 2022
  • Cash compensation of $5,000 USD per month
  • Part-time commitment (~20 hours per week)

Other Projects

  • Review of existing FLX distribution and tokenomics
  • Brainstorming of new ways to encourage RAI adoption and minting once the base incentive review and integrations flow is established

Appreciate the proposal Kingfish - I’m a supporter and would be happy to continue assisting where I can!