Proposal for governance voting period increase

This is a proposal to increase the voting period for proposals on Tally to ~ 1 week. The intention is to ensure that as many community members as possible have the opportunity to vote. By increasing the duration of the voting period we can further foster a decentralized and democratic decision-making process that promotes transparency, inclusivity, and fairness among the community.

The current voting period is 19938 blocks, which amounts to ~ 2.76 days as blocks are now fixed at 12 second intervals.

We propose updating the period to the maximum allowed by the contract, 46500 blocks, which is roughly ~ 6.45 days.

This proposal is a follow up to the previous proposal that increased the delay before voting starts once a proposal has been submitted on-chain. Once the voting period for a proposal starts, users cannot modify their voting power (e.g., acquire more governance tokens). By increasing the delay, we give ourselves more time to acquire additional voting power in the event a malicious proposal is submitted.

The Tally voting links and corresponding code for the current proposal (increasing voting period) are below.

Increase Voting Period Tally Proposal Link

Increase Voting Period GitHub Proposal Code

The Tally voting links and corresponding code for the previous proposal referenced above (increasing voting delay) are below.

Increase Voting Delay Tally Proposal Link

Increase Voting Delay GitHub Proposal Code

i am for this proposal