Community Lead Position Proposal

The Money God came to me in a dream last night and told me he was in need of a missionary to help shepherd his flock. When I awoke from my slumber to see if the Reflexer community was indeed in need of shepherding, I stumbled upon this decree:


I’ve taken the previous Community Lead proposal and altered it to reflect where the DAO currently is, the post above, and what areas I feel like I can bring the most value to.

This proposal is for a part-time position. I practically live on Discord and am open to full-time, but would like to start off as part-time with the potential to scale up, so that we can all make sure this is a good fit.

My Background

I’ve been working in the industry since 2017. Initially, I published content about Ethereum because I felt like the writing and blogs at the time were too esoteric and wouldn’t be approachable for the general public. Over a few months, I became the most read writer on Quora and Medium on the subjects of Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. Which I maintained until I stopped publishing regularly. I will include links to Medium and Quora in the replies, limited to 2 links per post as new user.

From there I was picked up by an ICO accelerator and managed communities/wrote white papers for different projects that went through the program (it was short-lived, the accelerator started a few months before the 2018 bear). After the accelerator I began working with Akoin (Akon’s cryptocurrency), managing exchange relations, the community, marketing, and PR– but left the team due to disagreements over the direction the tech was going.

Since then I’ve been more focused on community (while beginning to learn about product management). More recently, I launched and sold out an NFT collection (that I can’t name without doxxing my anon persona, but happy to discuss it/verify it in private), and then was recruited to join Decrypt and lead efforts to create a media DAO (current position).

At Decrypt, I lead operations for PubDAO. While plans to launch a governance token were put on pause, we’ve managed to begin generating revenue via a service model & working with other DAOs, with the overall goal of growing our treasury to the point where it can begin funding web3 media products. Beyond my experience with DAO Ops, I’ve been a contributor in Goblin Sax and another ponzi I’m too embarrassed to put in writing (rhymes with ‘gnome’).

My Twitter

Community Lead Role

After reviewing the Discord chat history, I’ve familiarized myself with the scope/description of this role as detailed by Ameen and am confident in my ability to execute the following deliverables:

  • Manage RAI communications/socials
  • Help with ongoing operations
  • Keeping USD’s dick out of my mouth

Below, I’ve outlined what I foresee being my main responsibilities if we move forward.

DAO Onboarding

  • Keeping up a friendly discourse within community channels
  • Welcoming new members/answering questions as they arise
  • Vetting potential hires
  • Banning USD-maximalists
  • Meme’ing

Communications & Content

  • Crafting external communications for Reflexer target audiences (B2B & B2C)
    • Blogs
    • Social Content
      • Tweet Threads
  • Creating/Managing content calendar
  • Creating content to demystify RAI to end-users
  • Keeping the community up to date on what’s going on within the DAO

DAO Operations

  • Managing/Upkeeping communication channels (Discord, Forums, Socials)
  • Work with the Product team to help manage development
  • Manage communications for any potential partnerships or collaborations
  • Using my network to bring in potential partnerships
  • Keep USD’s dick out of my mouth


Regarding compensation, I am requesting 50% of the compensation initially set aside for this role. With the option to scale up in the future if all parties involved are happy, and the Money God deems it so.


Above all, I want to work with Reflexer because the recent Tornado Cash sanction lit a fire under my ass. It made me realize, that if I really care about decentralization and truly think it can be the driving force for good that I believe it is–to not get involved would be irresponsible. I see working with Reflexer as the best way for me to make an impact and contribute to the fight for decentralization, privacy, and ending the dollar ponzi.

Thank you for your consideration.



Hey! I like the proposal. You seem to have be aligned with reflexer in terms of ethos. We could really use someone who could help us get more visibility on blogs/twitter. So it seems like you have a lot of skills that would be a good fit for that. I think RAI is a great product but just needs help getting the word out. Hope to see a proposal soon.

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