Reflexer cross-chain interoperability by Rango

Hello dear Reflexer community,

I am Alex Ramirez, Rango BD specialist and below I’ll review benefits, showcase and why Rango is a good fit for Reflexer cross-chain interoperability development and expansion. To begin we propose Reflexer integrate Rango cross-chain swap widget.

1- Benefits:

  • Minimum integration effort
    It is a plug-and-play widget, integrate-able within a day.

  • Improved UX results in $FLX’s turnover growth
    It enables users to easily bridge their assets from across the DeFi to $FLX to deploy on Reflexer.

  • New revenue funnel
    Rango does not charge additional fees, Reflexer can set a fee on top of its interface’s swaps and 100% of set fee could be Reflexer’s.

2- Showcase

3- Rango

Rango is live from Aug 2021 and more than 2.2 B$ has been successfully swapped. Only safe and audited protocols are integrated into Rango. 53 blockchains (including EVMs, non-EVMS, UTXOs, Cosmos and L2s), 51 DEXes, 20 bridges. Rango support is live 24/7 and in case of any malicious activity or exploited protocol, it will be out of access immediately so there were no users’ fund loss till now.

At the moment, the whole market is experiencing its driest bear period, and Rango users aren’t receiving an incentive to use the service. The organic numbers currently read:

Monthly volume : 15-20 $M
MAU : 30-40 K

Rango peak month numbers:
Monthly Volume : ~250 $M
MAU : ~200 K

Total Swap volume : +2.25$B
Total Swap number : +1M

*Trusts Rango infra
PangoinDex, Via Exchange, Rubic Exchange, ThorWallet, FantOHM, ChainSwap, Axelarsea, 0xtracker, Mean finance, Frontier Wallet, CopyCat finance, FindMyBridge, Comdex

Stats supporting given total Swap volume and number