RAI Bancor listing

Dear RAI community,

Would like to propose we investigate and decide if we want RAI to be listed at Bancor?

  • Yes - List RAI at Bancor
  • No - Do not list RAI at Bancor (Please tell me why not?)

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IF the Outcome is YES I will move forward and will create a proposal for the Bancor community.
Please help me with the input I can include in the proposal and what pools we want?

I think we can start with:

See here whitelisting template: BancorDAO Whitelist Proposal Template - Google Docs

Whitelisting will enable your LPs to stake RAI or FLX and have no impermanent loss (IL) risk if they stay in the pool for at least 100 days (insurance starts after 30).

As the protocol essentially takes on the IL risk, the proposal to whitelist should focus on the benefits of listing (trading fees) vs the risks (IL, bugs, hacks).

For example, if you will drive users to Bancor vs other AMMs, write that into the proposal. Also, any marketing you plan should be included there too. Might also be good to mention other integration ideas with Bancor you have in mind. As for the risk, include links to audits, highlight team members, and any partners and integrations you have.

The DAO looks at these whitelist proposals like an insurance company would. If you say your token will moon, that means high IL that will need to be covered.

When the proposal is completed we will post it here for a least one week before moving to snapshot: https://gov.bancor.networ


Iā€™m not familiar with recent Bancor design. Do they still support externalPriceOracle + liquidityConcentration style? If so, RAI/DAI would be ideal in terms of efficiency.

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Nice, I totally support.
I think we were never in touch with the Bancor community. If you can help that would be awesome.

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What to do with Bancor v3?

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Seems like combo of ideas from Balancer v2 and Sushiswap. Maybe have proposal for Bancor v2 and then let their community decide on moving to v3?

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Thank you all.
I will start drafting out the proposal tomorrow hope to have it done sone then will share it here for review. Will research differences between V2 & V3 needing to understand this better as well.
Thank you for all feedback and comments will add this in my proposal.