RAI I-term Update: Feb 17th, 2023

As we posted several months ago, we are planning to update the RAI I-term Ki parameter. As of today, our current plan is to update this parameter in 1 month, on the 2 year anniversary of RAI’s Ethereum mainnet launch.

Current I-term:
Ki = 2.4E-14
decay = 30 day half-life

Proposed I-term:
Ki = 5.55E-15 (~4x weaker)
decay = 30 day half-life

We decided to update the Ki first and not the decay just yet because while we also want to weaken the decay, this would actually make the existing I-rate take longer-than-expected to reset. In the future, when the I-rate is naturally lower (~1-2%), we will propose an update to the decay term as well to bring it in line with the new Ki term.

For more information, please see our RAI I-term Tuning Update post: