FLX role in (un)governance

Am I correct to assume that the functionality of FLX, in ideal world, will diminish? This is due to the fact that RAI has its own correlation mechanism with ETH so eventually there is no need to have, keep or Hold FLX.

Or in contrary, despite all the intentions FLX will always be the last line of defense for RAI liquidity exodus.

The more RAI is minted the more valuable FLX will become since it needs to protect the liquidity injection as backstop. The FLX will not be minted and has a fixed number hence the value needs to rise?
If that is the case, then out of how many (un)governance functions will RAI be autonomous and which functions will be inevitably left to govern by FLX.
(I know oracle development is one, but is there any more?) It would be very useful if this is clarified. There is always an ambiguity around two token projects of how the two will go hand in gloves? Within the process of maturity and ultimately when the DAO will take the control.