Vesq RAI Slurping

The Vesq team built a bond style protocol on Polygon. They would like to enable RAI bonds.

They mentioned it would be nice if their community could receive a one time FLX drop similar to the one proposed for FantOHM.

This poll is for the max amount of FLX our community is willing to offer for this one time drop. The actual amount Vesq participants could get would scale from 0 to maximum according to how much RAI is bonded. A second poll will be posted here to gauge sentiment for the amount of RAI Vesq should get in their treasury so their community gets the max FLX reward.

Both polls will be up for 2 days.

  • Incentivize RAI bonds with 500 FLX
  • Incentivize RAI bonds with 333 FLX
  • Incentivize RAI bonds with 100 FLX
  • Incentivize RAI bonds with a custom FLX amount (Comment)
  • Do not incentivize RAI bonds

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What’s the max amount of RAI that should correspond with the max FLX reward?

  • 1M RAI
  • 500K RAI
  • 100K RAI
  • Other (Comment)

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I think we have to be careful with these forum votes. It isn’t sibyl resistant at all. I have seen bot raids on Discourse polls in other communities.

I would at least recommend making polls not anonymous. These Discourse polls have the option to show the name of the voters. We could at least check if voters aren’t day 1 members.

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Yup will set this up

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I’m having a quick look at some (easily gamble) metrics to get an idea of the quality of these projects:

Discord member:
Vesq: 5380, 1406 online at time of writing
FantOHM: 3684, 892 online at time of writing
GizaDAO: 12322, 2313 online at time of writing

Vesq: 5 commits, 1 anon dev from November 2021
FantOHM: 5 commits, 1 anon dev from June 2021
GizaDAO: 2 commits, 1 anon dev from August 2021

Vesq: 4.2k followers, 3 reputable followers (by my standards)
FantOHM: 5.4k followers, no reputable followers (by my standards)
GizaDAO 12.3k followers, 1 reputable followers (by my standards)

From this quick investigation, I would say that none writting original code yet :sweat_smile: Giza seems to have a lot of fake activity. If I had to chose one, I would pick Vesq.

I’m keen to expand the usage of RAI so I am in favor of however it could be expanded to polygon. I believe it would be nice to set up a RAI:FLX bond where the protocol starts bonding RAI to FLX. As FLX price goes up, this would generate demand for RAI.