Giza DAO RAI Slurping

The Giza team built a bond style protocol on Fantom. They are thinking about enabling RAI bonds.

They mentioned it would be nice if their community could receive a one time FLX drop similar to the one proposed for FantOHM.

This poll is for the max amount of FLX our community is willing to offer for this one time drop. The actual amount Giza participants could get would scale from 0 to maximum according to how much RAI is bonded. A second poll will be posted here to gauge sentiment for the amount of RAI Giza should get in their treasury so their community gets the max FLX reward.

Both polls will be up for 2 days.

  • Incentivize RAI bonds with 333 FLX
  • Incentivize RAI bonds with 100 FLX
  • Incentivize RAI bonds with 50 FLX
  • Do not incentivize RAI bonds
  • Incentivize RAI bonds with a custom FLX amount (Comment)

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What’s the max amount of RAI that should correspond with the max FLX reward?

  • 1M RAI
  • 500K RAI
  • 100K RAI
  • Other (Comment)

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There is an unlimited supply of Olympus fork lol. It’s hard to judge the quality of each of them. But I guess there is a vast gap in terms of traction/legitimacy/innovation/risk of rug. It’s hard to judge unless you’re deep down into flipping OHM forks…

A random look at Giza’s contract repo…

Plus dev is a brand new anon Github account.

Yea I know it’s hard to judge this stuff but pretty happy to see our community is prudent and we don’t go to max amount of FLX possible.