FantOHM RAI Slurping

The FantOHM team (bond based protocol on Fantom chain) mentioned they are thinking of adding RAI bonds in their treasury.

They also mentioned it would be nice if their community could receive a one time FLX drop. Concretely, those who participate in the first batch of RAI bonds could get a pro-rata FLX drop.

Would like to get sentiment on whether we should incentivize this. Poll will be up for 2 days.

  • Incentivize FantOHM RAI bonds with 100 FLX
  • Incentivize FantOHM RAI bonds with 333 FLX
  • Incentivize FantOHM RAI bonds with 500 FLX
  • Incentivize FantOHM RAI bonds with custom FLX amount
  • Do not incentivize RAI bonds on FantOHM

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Subsequent poll: if we do end up doing the one time FLX incentive for FantOHM, it may be a good idea to scale the FLX reward from 0 to MAX (MAX being voted in the poll above) depending on how much RAI gets into the FantOHM treasury.

What’s the max amount of RAI that should correspond with the max FLX reward?

  • 100K RAI
  • 500K RAI
  • 1M RAI
  • Other (comment)

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For these polls with ordinal choices, we should consider taking the median of the results instead of winner take all. This will better capture the entire sentiment of the community.

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Slight pushback is that 333 was picked because of the 3,3 meme so median kinda breaks that